Bend Trails Nomination

The Bend in the Road has developed three community walking trails along the following themes:

This project will further refine the precinct, promote community and increase foot traffic in the area and potentially increase traffic to local businesses that install any of the trail items.

It will simultaneously promote local artists to the community and encourage fitness and playfulness.

If you want to be part of the trail please fill out the form below. For further information about each of the trails please read more below.

Bend Trails Nomination

As part of this project The Bend in the Road has put out a call to businesses and community members to nominate locations where they are happy for these elements to be located within their own publicly accessible property areas (e.g. on footpaths, driveways, building and retaining walls, fences, windows, shop fronts, street trees and garden beds).

By the end of the project each of the themes will have 10-15 objects installed in the local neighbourhood.

Once objects are installed, they will be photographed, described and then recorded within an online Bend Map that will show the locations of the trail objects including the photo and description. The individual objects will also be linked on the map by suggested walking trails between the objects/activities. The map will be promoted through Facebook, Instagram and The Bend website. A printed version of the map may also be developed that may be distributed to the local businesses.

The following is a brief description of each of the trails.

Bend Art Exchange Trail:
At each stop of this trail either an  A4 or A3 outdoor picture frame or a small box (similar to a transparent letter box) will be installed. Businesses can also nominate for a illuminated A4 picture frame (power point will be required).

Here is an example of the picture frames and the letterbox style Art Box

image.png image.png

These boxes will be openable by the public and will be used to display an A4 or A3 artwork printed or painted by members of the local community including kids art children and youths. The boxes also allow display of small objects that fit into the display box.

Similar to the street libraries the art is free to be exchanged for new art.

The rules for the art exchange have been defined as follows:
1. Create your own artwork in A4 or A3 format or a small object that fits in a small letter box. The Art should celebrate our diverse neighbourhood, therefore it can be anything but must not be vulgar, derogatory or insulting on ethnic background and / or religious basis etc. Please report inappropriate art to
2. Find an existing artwork on the trail that you like, which has been on display for at least for 2 weeks (for all locations see link above).
3. Open the frame and take out the artwork that you like.
4. Place your artwork in the frame/box and date the artwork or include the date on a small note when placing it on the trail.
5. Close the frame box and take your favourite the artwork home.
6. Take photos of your artwork and the existing artwork and upload them to The Bend website and if you like post them on Instragram/Facebook and tag The Bend.

The frame will have a permanent sign inside the box that will be visible if when no artwork is displayed. The sign will promote The Bend, explain the concept and outline the rules. The frame will also include a sticker with a link to the trails information and The Bend email to report inappropriate exhibits, but it is expected that the property owner will take some ownership of the box and the display to ensure it is used appropriately.

Street Fitness Trail:
At each station of the trail an A4 frame will be installed to describe the different fitness activities in this location (e.g. star jumps, stretches, runs to the next station etc). The activities will to cater to people of all ages and abilities. Applicants for stations of this trail are encouraged to propose items that may be able to be used for fitness activities (e.g. fences to lean against or low walls to balance on) but most activities will not require any build items in the location.

Street Games Trail:
The games trail is a loosely defined theme and can include anything from paving games (hopscotch etc.), wall games, balancing pebbles, painted rocks or a maze painted onto the pavement, to more elaborate games such as the London 99 tiny games ( The stations could include small games located inside a street library. They could also be riddles or spotting games or activities to do on the way to the next game station. They could include a treasure hunt and if linked to a business could even include rewards (e.g. count how many different types of toilet paper you can find in IGA and then get a lolly if you tell them at the checkout). Some of the games could link to virtual games (e.g. via QR code that can be scanned in and links to an online game where you can compete with other community members that have come past the same spot previously).

The street games will need to be incorporated on the verges, driveways and laneways of The Bend. The trail street game elements can be either directly painted or stencilled with durable outdoor paint (e.g. spray chalk). The game elements can also be applied as permanent signs within the supplied outdoor picture frames, with adhesive stickers or signs on metal, plastic or corflute backing, as small objects such as timber boxes (e.g. similar to the street libraries, but smaller) or as small installations within garden beds/ verge lawns or on verge trees.

Whilst the fitness and the art exchange trails have been developed by The Bends Project Committee, the games stations will need to be developed and potentially built by the community member or business who nominates the game location. The Bend will support each game location with the provision of one outdoor picture frame to display the idea or the game itself and a $100 voucher from Scarborough Hardware to purchase building materials.