Bend Connections!

Update 1 July 2020: CLOSED!

Thanks to all our applicants, and all the great Bend venues that participated! Through this program, and thanks to the City of Stirling’s funding support, Bend residents hosted 20 events with neighbours and friends; providing financial stimulus of just under $5000; to 5 great local venues. Neighbourhood connections AND Love Your Local? Well done everyone – something good came out of the blasted Pandemic!

If you participated in a Bend Connections event, let us know what you thought here.



Your next socially distant event in and around The Bend is on us!

Thanks to the City of Stirling, we’re pleased to offer residents of The Bend (which includes the area bound by Sackville Terrace, Deanmore Road, Ewen Street and Huntriss Road and close neighbours) vouchers to access catering for your event through one of The Bend’s great local businesses!

Have a ‘verge party’ with your neighbours; an open event with catering provided; a picnic or laneway lunch with other families; or a ‘virtual’ dinner party with others – the opportunities are many, and we’ll support it as long as it’s catered for by one of The Bend’s cafes or restaurants.

Please note:

  • Funding will be paid directly to the venue of your choice.
  • It is up to the venue whether or not they agree to participate (some places might want cash or card etc).
  • You can access up to $25 per confirmed attendee, to a maximum amount of $250.

Guidelines and steps to follow:

  1. To be eligible you must live and host your event in the area shown in the map below (approximately);
  2. Organise the event yourself, just like you would any other event to which you are the host. For example:
    • Determine number of people coming and menu
    • You’ll also need to contact the venue to order the food and arrange pickup or delivery, and to confirm the billing arrangements are acceptable.
  3. Register your event by completing the form below;
  4. Give us at least a week’s notice (so we can pay the business in advance);
    • The event should be before 1 July 2020
  5. Receive and redeem a unique code from The Bend Inc to identify yourself at the venue;
  6. Place the order yourself using the code; and
  7. After your event, let us know how it all went – a simple ‘photograph and a paragraph’ so we can put on social media.