Bend Art Exchange Trail

The Bend Art Exchange Trail in now under construction and hopefully more locations will pop up near you soon.
If not you may want to nominate your own place for a new location to be added. Bend Trails Nomination

Here is a map of the current status of the Art Exchange Trail – click on the map to explore the locations and see more details.
We hope you enjoy the walk and feel inspired to contribute to the trail and start displaying your own art pieces in the trail.

Here is a short version of how it works:


Upload your exchanged artwork to our Online Bend Art Exchange Library

And this is the detailed explanation of how to display and exchange your art:
1. Create your own artwork in A4 or A3 format or a small object that fits in a small letter box. The Art should celebrate our diverse neighbourhood, therefore it can be anything but must not be vulgar, derogatory or insulting on ethnic background and / or religious basis etc. Please report inappropriate art to
2. Find an existing artwork along the trail that you like, which has been on display for at least for 2 weeks (for all locations see link above)
3. Open the frame and take out the artwork that you like
4. Place your artwork in the frame/box and date the artwork or include a small note when it was placed on the trail.
5. Close the frame box and take your favourite the artwork home
6. Take photos of your artwork and the existing artwork and upload them to The Bend website here and if you like post them on Instagram/Facebook and tag The Bend with the tags shown at the bottom.

And here are some other highlights of The Bend which are waiting to be explored. Use the menu to turn on  more walking trail suggestions or jump to locations of the highlight you would like to visit.