Munro Reserve Signage Boards

What can the signage boards be used for?

The Munro Reserve Signage Boards (signage boards) are primarily available for promotion of regular, occasional or one-off community events occurring in or around  the commercial district between St Brigids Tce and Westview St (The Bend stretch).

The signage boards are also available for local businesses to communicate information such as new business openings or changes in location, with preference being given to those located in The Bend stretch.  Use of the signage board extends to businesses that operate from homes.

Approval of signage use is at the discretion of The Bend in the Road Inc. Preference will be given to advertising that benefits local social and economic activity.

Booking procedure
  1. Download Munro Reserve Signage Boards Guideline.
  2.  View  Signage Boards Calendar to determine availability (link below).
  3. Ensure application will comply will all requirements outlined in guideline and that there is board availability for the date/s you require.
  4. Complete Signage Board Booking Form below.
  5. Await to receive outcome of application and instructions for emailing of pdf file.
  6. Prepare pdf file of sign design and submit as instructed.
  7. Receive and pay invoice for sign manufacture.

Your sign will be installed on the date you requested or close to this date. The Bend in the Road team will remove your sign on completion of allocated advertising period and advise you of where to collect the sign.

Signage Board Calendar

Signage Board Booking Form

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