The Bend’s Strategic Plan 2019-2024

We’re pleased to present our Strategic Plan (the Plan) to guide work and priorities over the next five years!

Building upon earlier consultation by the City of Stirling and contractors, the Plan refines five key priority activities for the first years of operation:

  1. Live and Local: bringing The Bend to life with music, events and celebrations fit for our beachside and urban lifestyle,
  2. Growing Green: making The Bend blossom
  3. A Brand for the Bend: making it clear this is The Bend’s territory, and surprising and delighting people as they look around.
  4. Magnificent Munro: transforming Munro Reserve into the jewel of The Bend
  5. A People-Friendly Bend: championing a longer-term transformation of The Bend from a corridor for cars into a place for people

From these focus areas, we have identified six priorities for the immediate future, and to guide the use of our resources.

  1. Buy Nothing Eco Market: leveraging our eclectic mix of businesses – an annual swap meet,
  2. Pavement performances – relaxed tunes and carpark jazz
  3. Laneway parties – billy cart races, food trucks and craft stalls
  4. Bendesque artworks – murals, sculptures, colourful power poles
  5. Social sundowners – regular shindigs bringing people together
  6. Urban plantings – greening and softening our verges, laneways and even our sumps!

We welcome your ideas to enhance and deliver these priorities now! The Bend in the Road – new idea assessment tool

View the full Plan here! Bend in the Road StratPlan May19 – Final